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Welcome To My Website

Thank you for coming to my website to learn about my, and
many others, need for a live kidney transplant. I inherited a
kidney disease called polycystic kidney disease. I was diagnosed at the age of sixty-five. At that time I was told it
was unlikely that I would ever need to have a kidney transplant. But they were wrong. About a year ago I
was shocked to be told that my kidneys were failing and I actually would need a kidney transplant.


The biggest rub in all of this is that I am quite healthy. I have always led an active lifestyle - I have a degree in adult fitness and exercise
science and was a fitness counselor earlier in my career. I’m now 72 years old, take a daily 2.5 mile brisk walk with my dog, am a ballroom and country western dancer, play tennis, and I love to go downhill skiing in the winter. My current doctors at the VA have been impressed with my overall excellent health… the only problem being these kidneys!

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